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Stoney.STW / Nov 09, 2016
Hey guys I am back and going to be doing some major updates to the website, lets make sure everyone in the clan is signed up and on the clan Roster!! Thanks πŸ‘
Stoney.STW / Jun 21, 2016
Keep up the great work team. πŸ‘πŸ‘
Those who's names are in red are subject to demotion/kick from clan if you don't get those donations up!! When your on just let everyone know what you've got to donate and those of us who have already reached goal will let you fill the clan castles. πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―

Stoney.STW / Mar 20, 2016
βž–New ranks will be set based on donations. at end of season anyone under 500 points may be subject to kick, 1000 points is goal for members. If you have over 2000 points end of season you will be eligible for elder for the next season. Co expected 2000+ as well.

We will also give bonuses for other things we feel are important, as follows: 1 point per donation, 250 points for each recruit, no war penalties = 100pts. Active on website and KIK = 100pts. (The site shows when you last logged in) so you get 200 points just for being active.

War strategy will not be set to a standard rule of πŸ”°Attack mirror, 1,2, or 3 below. Only attack up if everything below is already cleaned up.

We need to try our hardest to have the bottom castles attack first, and would like everyone getting their first attack in as fast as possible. (After you've had a moment and talked it over of course!) Not only does this make less wasted attacks it will keep us from having to attack really low and get low war loot. Of course occasionally you may take one for the team.

weekly stats will still come out Sunday/Monday as usual, so make sure your looking that over to see where you stand.

The application on site includes a spot for new recruits to input who recruited them, make sure to have them put your name there for the bonus points! Any elder or coleader may recruit.. You just verify they are over 18 (in clan chat, even if already done in global) and then have them add me @ Stoney.STW with their in- game name, also to apply at the website.

Keep up the great work team!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
Stoney.STW / Mar 14, 2016
Those who are inactive may not be eligible for war & may risk being removed from the clan. We obviously understand that everyone has a life to live but if your going to be on our team we expect you to contribute to our team. A big thanks to every member, elder, and co-leader for your loyalty!! Any question just contact me on KIK @ Stoney.STW.