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About Us

Last Updated: 4/30/16

Founded by Stoney, StoneyGirl, Madbro, and Tarsha back in March of 2015. Formed to create a great place for stoners to come together, smoke some weed, and Clash their minds out. Below are some of the many great things about our clan that we take pride in.

Chill & Relaxed Atmosphere
Here at STW we war like a team, and have eachother's back like a family. We believe strongly in our motto "Good Buds Stick Together" and are always trying to find some great new buds for the clan.

Adults Only
We don't permit anyone to join the clan until they reach 18 years or older. This means that as long as you're not using "Hate-Speech" we encourage members to swear like a motherfucker, we welcome discussion of adult topics, especially weed related.
Earn Promotions
You must prove yourself to be promoted in our clan. We expect you to be active, social, and contributing to the clan donations. While 500 donations is the requirement to stay in the clan, we expect a minimum of 1500 donations for those who wish to be promoted the next season.

Great Donations
​Clan Castles are packed with high troops and we always fill the castles for war with Max troops. We ask our members to request as much as possible. We do not look at your "donation ratio" as we believe the more requests you have the more actively you are donating. We do require everyone over level 50 pitches in and donates a minimum of 500 troops per season, 1500 if they wish to be eligible for a promotion.[/size]


Stoney.STW --- KIK @ Stoney.STW

Statistics Leader
StoneyGirl.STW(SG) --- KIK @ nichole0516
Keeps track of member statistics and activity levels.

Recruitment Leaders
ColoradoClick --- KIK @ ColoradoClick
THCxTWO --- KIK @ thcxtwo
Handles recruitment events & dedicates efforts to bringing in new members. Processes new members, having them apply to the website and inviting them into the KIK chat.

War Leader
Doomsday.STW --- KIK @ four20vision
Takes care of war related concerns within the clan and leads the clan wars to victory. Informs all members of our war rules and enforces them.

Support Leader
Ashlie_Love --- KIK @ ashlielove1107
Keeps the clan motivated and answers any questions/concerns that you may have.
Works with raid leader to organize events and put together the clan FAQ.

Raid Leader
Name --- KIK @ KikNameHere
Organizes meet-ups for raiding/boosting events & answer raid related questions.

Communications Leader
Name --- KIK @ KikNameHere
Brings activity to the website by updating and maintaining the News & Polls section and promoting the site in-game and on our KIK chat.